About Yeovil


Yeovil plays host to several fine open public spaces with a number of well maintained parks and gardens dotted around the town centre, not to mention the recently redeveloped Ninesprings area of town which is now designated a country park.

This large stretch of landscaped parkland is home to a wide variety of rare trees, plants and wildlife and is a popular place for walkers and cyclists to enjoy a tranquil journey along one of its many trails.

One of the architectural sights that dominate the town's skyline is the imposing St John's Church, which was constructed in the fourteenth century. The ornate stonework and stunning stained glass windows of the church make it a must for visitors to Yeovil, as do the elaborate mosaic flooring and vaulted ceiling inside.

With the aviation industry being of such prominence in the town's economy, it is unsurprising that the Royal Navy chose Yeovil as the site for the aircraft section of its national musem, The Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Showcasing many of the Navy's prominent planes and helicopters, alongside a host of other exhibits including literally millions of records and thousands of related artefacts, it is the second largest museum of its type in the world.

Attratcions such as the first British-built Concorde, the interactive Aircraft Carrier Experiance and even the operational airbase onsite, which is one of the busiest in Europe, mean that visitors will get a comprehensive picture of naval aviation.